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KBBA - Klamath Basin Beekeepers Association

Public Education and Outreach Program

School Program

Our school program is run by our Education Officer Katharina Davitt.  She has created a custom class program covering stinging insects and what to do if stung, the importance of honey bees, basic honey bee biology, how do bees make honey, plant boiology, beekeeping equipment, and a live observation hive allowing the children to see bees from up close.  This class usually takes 1 hour.  Teachers interested may contact Katharina Davitt directly through our Contact Us page.  This program is usually available from mid April though the end of Summer when we can safely take bees out of a regular hive. 
Please visit www.klamathbees.com for further


County Fair and other Public Events

Like us to display a wonderful honey bee exhibition and teach about bees?  We have various set ups, including a honey tasting station.  We have been at events like the PLAY Outdoors, Winterwings Festival, Migratory Bird Day and many more.


Presentations and Classes

Our Education Officer Katharina Davitt can be invited as a guest speaker and instructor.   She has various presentation topics available.  That can be detailed specific classes on beekeeping topics or general pollinator speeches.  Interested?  Contact Us page.

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