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Oregon has certain requirements if you plan on having hives.

Oregon State Bee Law

Hive Registration

Honey Sale Licensing Requirements
    Any beekeeper with 20 or more colonies of bees who is extracting and selling honey at retail or wholesale is required to be licensed as a food processor, and is subject to inspection by the department.
    Extractors who have fewer than 20 colonies and extract only their own honey under the Oregon Department of Agriculture´s administrative policy are considered to be hobbyists, and therefore exempt from licensing and inspection requirements. While extractors with fewer than 20 colonies may sell their honey through any retail channel, the product produced is required to be properly labeled. Extractors must submit an application  for exemption with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety  Division. There is no fee to file an exemption, and the application for  exemption may be forwarded to the Food Safety Division, 635 Capitol  Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301.
Weights and Measures (Scales) for Honey in Oregon
Honey Brochure for Honey Sales
Vector Control

    To have your location (street) removed from vector control sprayings call:
    Mosquito Control-Klamath Vector Control District
    2750 Maywood Drive
    Klamath Falls, OR 97603
    Phone : (541) 882-2715


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